If you are being inundated with water or suffering damage from storms or cyclones your tenancy may be affected.  This fact sheet is for residential tenancies however most of this information also applies to rooming accommodation such as boarding houses. It also contains contact details of your local Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service.

For further information click on the following link:

Info for tenants affected by floods and storms/cyclones 

Better Information for Park Residents

A series of eight fact sheets to assist residents in manufactured homes parks better understand their rights and responsibilities were today released by the Tenants’ Union of Queensland (TUQ).

Residents own their own homes but rent the land upon which they sit.

“Owners and managers of parks control common areas, stipulate park rules, propose the terms included in site agreements and  decide if and when there will be park upgrades.  Managers can exert a great deal of control over residents’ lives”, said TUQ spokesperson Ms Penny Carr. [click to continue…]

Introducing new and improved courses and workshops

With the defunding of the TENANT ADVICE & ADVOCACY services throughout Queensland, we believe there will be a need to skill workers throughout the community to assist residential renters who will come to them for advice and assistance.
The Tenants’ Union has put together a comprehensive training calendar covering all aspects of renting in Queensland including our 3 day Residential Tenancies for Tenant Advocates. [click to continue…]