Introducing new and improved courses and workshops

With the defunding of the TENANT ADVICE & ADVOCACY services throughout Queensland, we believe there will be a need to skill workers throughout the community to assist residential renters who will come to them for advice and assistance. The Tenants’ Union has put together a comprehensive training calendar covering all aspects of renting in Queensland including our 3 day Residential Tenancies for Tenant Advocates.

We are now able to offer online registration and payment for our training courses via ‘Eventbrite’ online hosting.

Our next event is one of our popular Webinars. Click here to access the Eventbrite online booking for Bond Claims 

We are still able to process your registration and issue a tax invoice if you prefer!

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In Queensland 34% of households live in rented homes.  Tenants Queensland is a specialist community legal service that provides tenancy law advice. We assist and represent renting households.  Our vision is to ensure renting in Queensland is a secure and respected housing tenure and tenant’s rights are respected.  We have a free statewide advice service for Queensland residential tenants including caravan park and boarding house residents.

Need advice? Call our statewide advice service.  Phone 1300 744 263   Mon/Wed/Thurs 9am-12.30pm and Tues/Wed 3.30pm-7pm.
See information for tenants for an overview of renting rules in Queensland. 
See our Tenancy Fact sheets for information on common renting issues.
If you rent a room see our Rooming Accommodation Fact sheets
If you own and occupy a Manufactured Home (Mobile Home) see our Manufactured Homes Fact Sheets.
View our videos for tips on solving tenancy disputes in Queensland.
Going to the tribunal ? – see tips to prepare for a tenancy hearing in QCAT.

Volunteers needed

Law and social work students are sought for the role of Trainee Advice Worker. The purpose of the role is to complete training and development to prepare for the provision of high quality supervised advice, information, referral and support to tenants, via the telephone advice line.   Click on this link to view the position description - Volunteer Advice Worker – Student.

A structured induction and training program will be provided enabling volunteers to build their knowledge of tenancy law and skills in telephone advice provision.
A minimum commitment of one semester is required. Ideally participants will be able volunteer on a continuing basis as TQ is seeking to increase its number of trained advice workers.

Attendance at a weekly shift each Thursday from 9am – 1pm is required.

Applicants must also be available for a whole day of training running 10am – 5pm on Thursday 31 July.

To apply send your current CV and a cover letter responding to the selection criteria to by 9am Wednesday 16 July.

Fair go for tenants

The Queensland government cut all funding for tenant advice services across Queensland, including the Tenants Queensland statewide advice service. These services were not funded by taxpayers but were funded by a small amount of interest income earned on tenant bonds. Help us save tenant advice services. Find out more

Better Information for Park Residents

A series of eight fact sheets to assist residents in manufactured homes parks better understand their rights and responsibilities were today released by the Tenants’ Union of Queensland (TUQ).

Residents own their own homes but rent the land upon which they sit.

“Owners and managers of parks control common areas, stipulate park rules, propose the terms included in site agreements and  decide if and when there will be park upgrades.  Managers can exert a great deal of control over residents’ lives”, said TUQ spokesperson Ms Penny Carr. [click to continue…]